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STAND-BY GOLF is a unique reservation system in its 14th year of business, catering to the needs of the golfing community.

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We offer up to 50% discounts for golfing today or
tomorrow, at premiere golf courses and resorts.

Here is how we can pass on the HUGE SAVINGS to you:

  • Golf courses would rather fill the tee times before they go to waste, the following day.

With 4 locations, golfers can receive the benefit of
discounted rates and guaranteed tee times.


stand-by golfStand-by Golf realizes that a tee time is in fact a commodity which if not sold becomes totally wasted by the following day. Referred to as the "brown bananas" of golf, (Good Eating Tonight but Totally Wasted by tomorrow), Stand-by golf has conceptualized a WIN WIN situation for both the golf course and the golfer.

Since golf course upkeep costs are very high, every unsold tee-time is income that is lost forever. This usually would find its way back to golfers in increased green fees. Stand-by Golfs' unique system salvages unsold tee times in the following manner.

As the starter closes each evening, he turns over his unsold starting times to Stand-by Golf. This allows us to offer them to you at a price reduction of between 20-50%. If you like the "course" and the "time" you can buy it with your credit card. If you don't, then you pass on it.

Our dedicated customer service, run by golfers, for golfers, offer fast booking, the best advise and discounts available for some of the most sought after courses.


  • All the choice golf courses
  • Public, Semi-Public and Private Courses
  • 4 Locations to serve you
  • Open 7 days a week - 7am to 9pm


  • For golfing today or tomorrow!
  • Many years in business


  • Receive the best advice and customer service from one of our dedicated golfers.
  • No automation. A human golfer always answers the phone, quickly and knowledgeably.


  • We handle all the details.
  • Provide on site assistance and tournament management.


  • Great gift ideas for holiday giving or birthdays, anniversaries, holes-in-one, etc. Call us for details.

Call us early to play today or anytime for
play tomorrow.

As many others are, our business is changing rapidly. In some cases we are able to buy parcels of tee times in advance. On occasion a corporate booking will cancel within a week or two of play. We then acquire these tee times to sell in advance.

Much as the travel agents are now buying blocks of airplane seats and hotel rooms, we are buying advance tee times. We have come to refer to these advance tee times as "gotta goez". This development in our business is becoming more prominent each day because it provides the means of making advance reservations at significant discounts. This is in addition to the original overnight business.

MAIN OFFICE: 1555 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite D104
Palm Springs 92264

Call and Book 760-321-2665

FAX: 760-323-1022

TOLL FREE 866-224-2665