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About Us

There are some types of businesses that cost the same to operate regardless of the number of customers they serve. For example, airlines, theaters, hotels and cruise ships. Since these businesses know that selling vacant space is critical to profitability and that preferably it needs to be done without affecting the full price, the strategy has always been to offer real savings for last minute bookings. Golf courses have the same problem.

When the Pro Shop closes at night, virtually all unsold tee times for the following day will probably remain unsold. That's where we come in. We take over those unsold times and resell them until 9:00pm for play the next day, and after 7:00am for play the same day. The commodity we are selling is referred to as the "brown bananas" of golf. Good Eating Tonight but Totally Wasted by Tomorrow. In business for over 10 successful years, Stand-by Golf offers a worthwhile price reduction at no charge to the golfer.

No fees. No special cards. No Gimmicks.

Stand-by Golf prides itself in being far more than a booking service. "We try to match the golfer with the golf course as to the difficulty levels and styles of each" says Will Bartfield, founder and President of Stand-by Golf.

Equipped to process 100 golfers per hour, players call in to Stand-by Golf and speak with a representative, specifying what standard of golf course they want, what price range, how many players and whether they wish to play early or late. Matches are made as close as possible to the golfer's request. We book your game at a guaranteed price and at a guaranteed time.

We seldom advertise the names of courses we serve. Ethically, we must help the golf courses maintain the full price for their advance bookings. All of our golf reservationists are avid golfers themselves. We emphasize the "human" element in our business dealings with our customers.


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4711 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs 92264
Call and Book 760-321-2665 | 760-324-7877 (fax)
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