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Congratulations!   You have just located the most inexpensive way to play golf in the valley.

Stand By Golf offers deep discounted tee times at over 40 courses, with most booking done overnight ( after 4:00 pm ) for next days play. However there are several courses that now allow us to book reservations more than 1 day in advance at discounted rates. Please call us at 760-321-2665 or 321-BOOK to make your tee time!

Checking out RATES -  Click on " JOIN OUR CLUB " Located on the left hand side of the page, then enter your e-mail address. Hit the button below that says " SUBMIT " and we will e-mail to you every Monday all the courses and there POSTED RATE along with our SBG Rate which is always 20% - 50 %  off that rate

STAND-BY GOLF is a unique reservation system in its 16th year of business, catering to the needs of the golfing community.

We offer up to 50% discounts for golfing today or tomorrow, at premiere golf courses and resorts.

Here is how we can pass on the HUGE SAVINGS to you:

How can we offer such incredible savings ???

Since golf course upkeep costs are very high, every unsold tee-time is income that is lost forever. This usually would find its way back to golfers in increased green fees. Stand-by Golfs' unique system salvages unsold tee times in the following manner.

As the starter closes each evening, he turns over his unsold starting times to Stand-by Golf. This allows us to offer them to you at a price reduction of between 20-50%. If you like the "course" and the "time" you can buy it with your credit card. If you don't, then you pass on it.

Our dedicated customer service, run by golfers, for golfers, offers fast booking, the best advise and discounts available at some of the most sought after courses. Remember, with over 40 courses to choose from Stand By Golf will always have a variety of choice tee times to fit your budget.

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